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Fluval 106

Fluval 106 - Πλήρες εξωτερικό φίλτρο ενυδρείου Τιμή: 69.5€
Fluval 106
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Fluval 106 Canister Filter delivers many practical benefits–including better filtration, less maintenance frequency, faster setup, and quieter operation–all designed to make fishkeeping more enjoyable. Building on the success of Fluval 05 Series filters, this filter provides enhanced functionality and filtration performance to create the cleanest, healthiest aquariums ever.

The filter helps make aquarium keeping as easy and worry-free as possible thanks to a remarkable range of additional features, including patented Aqua-Stop Valves for easy hose disconnections, single-motion lift-lock clamps for simple cleaning and maintenance, and multiple removable filtration baskets that are already packed with the necessary media for mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.

In addition, the filter has a unique square-shaped canister design that holds 35 to 50% more water than round canister filters of similar size, allowing better water flow through a complex cleansing path that maximizes contact with the filtration media.

key features

    • Improved motor hydraulic performance that reduces maintenance frequency, increases flow rates and head pressure
    • Enhanced water filtration performance for cleaner, healthier water
    • Better biological filtration, with the addition of Bio-Foam media
    • Sound-dampening impeller design for 8 to 15% quieter operation
    • Redesigned impeller cover that’s less prone to breakage
    • Re-engineered efficient priming system for easier starting
    • Stronger lift-lock clamps for more secure closure
    • Hose lock nuts improves security

Tech specs

AQUARIUM CAPACITY  |   up to 100 L(25 US Gal)

Item # : A202

UPC : 015561102025

Suitable for fresh or saltwater aquariums up to 100 L (25 US Gal)

Flow Rate: 550 LPH (145 US GPH)

Head Height (max.): 1.45 m (4.8 ft)

Media Capacity: 3.2 L

Wattage: 120 V/60 Hz – 10 W and 230-240 V/50 Hz – 10 W

Dimensions (L x W x H): 20 x 15 x 38 cm (8 x 6 x 15 in)

What's Included

    • 4 foam pads
    • 1 x 70 g carbon
    • 1 x polishing pad
    • 1 x 120 g BioMax
    • AquaStop valve assembly
    • Ribbed hosing
    • 2 rim connectors
    • Intake tube
    • Intake strainer
    • Output nozzle
    • 2 rubber connectors
    • Instruction manual
    • Quick start manual

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